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Topic: Internet technology means people do not need to travel to foreign countries to understand how others live. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Từ khóa:

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

Do not need = It is not necessary = There is no need 

Understand how others live = Learn about ways of life in other countries = Access information about the life of people in other countries 

the internet = websites, online platforms

Từ vựng theo chủ đề: armchair tourism, travelling

Gợi ý: Dạng bài OPINION ESSAY, trong đó người viết PHẢI thể hiện được quan điểm ủng hộ hoặc phản đối nhận định được đưa ra ở đề bài. Với bài này, người viết triển khai theo BALANCED VIEW, thừa nhận việc có thể học về cuộc sống của người dân ở các nước khác qua mạng Internet nhưng vẫn khẳng định việc cần thiết để đi đến những nơi khác nhau 

Đoạn 1: Có thể mở rộng kiến thức về các nền văn hóa khác qua lướt web

Ý 1: people with cultural curiosity can explore new exotic cultural practices through surfing many websites or blogs written by travel bloggers

  • Their direct experiences can be reflected in an interesting and lively way -> through pictures, photos or even carefully-edited videos 

  • Capture the attention of audiences and satisfy their curiosity -> it is easier to absorb information

Ý 2: easily accessing movies on the internet also helps people deepen their understanding of new cultures  

  • Documentary films can be a source of valuable information -> example: thanks to digital advances, many movies that portray the lifestyle of minority group such as the Inuit have been produced and armchair tourists can easily find and watch those movies

  • Concluding: the distinctive aspects of a culture can be emphasized or illustrated in the media -> people find it easy to absorb/ digest the information delivered -> raise cultural awareness

Đoạn 2: Khẳng định việc đi đến những nơi khác nhau là cần thiết 

  • The nuance between learning about a culture or life of people from secondary sources and physically and directly experiencing it 

  • Armchair tourism can never give people the opportunity to get immersed in the culture, which often allows travelers to discern the special or unique traits of each culture by themselves

  • Getting first-hand cultural experiences, spending time to be a part of the culture or observing the cultural pattern through activities such as participating in local festivals or events is the unrivaled experiences 

  • The two-way/ human/ face-to-face interaction enables tourists to gain comprehensive knowledge or fully understand a community and have a long-lasting memory

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