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Topic: Some people believe that it is best to encourage children to have a healthy diet at school while others believe that parents should be the ones to teach children to have a healthy diet. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Từ khóa:

Encourage sb to do sth = give sb encouragement to do sth

have = adopt

a healthy diet = a balanced diet = a wholesome diet = a healthy eating regime = a nutritious eating regime

Gợi ý: Dạng bài DISCUSS BOTH VIEWS, trong đó người viết phải bàn luận về cả hai quan điểm, sau đó rút ra kết luận của bản thân (lưu ý: nghiêng về quan điểm nào hơn thì nói về quan điểm đó ở đoạn sau)

Đoạn 1: Lý do học sinh nên được dạy về chế độ ăn lành mạnh tại trường

Ý 1: Schools teach students about professional and adequate nutrition programs

  • These programs are designed by experts such as registered dietitians with the aim of providing balanced meals

-->  Having been exposed to such educational contents, schoolchildren are more aware of the link between the food they eat and how it can affect their health and wellbeing

Ý 2: Another reason is the emphasis on the regulations of diet at school

  • Students at school literally follow the diets provided as there is no other choice

--> Pupils might gradually get familiar with healthy eating habits even though this means they have to consume foods like vegetables which many of them hate eating

Đoạn 2: Lý do bố mẹ nên tạo điều kiện để con cái có chế độ ăn lành mạnh

Ý 1: Parents deeply understand the taste of children compared to strangers

  •  By adding and processing healthy ingredients in the way that children are keen on

- -> parents can effortlessly instill in their children the habit of having a wholesome diet from a very young age

Ý 2: A great concern of personalised diets can be pointed out as another justification

  • Children with different digestive systems have different suitable dietary intakes 

--> rather than taking a fixed and inappropriate diet at school, parents could provide the most healthy meals for their offspring at home instead

In conclusion, people support the idea that it is schools’ responsibility to educate children about having a healthy diet; however, I am convinced that this matter should be promoted by parents in order to bring a more suitable eating regime for the children.


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