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Topic: Some cities create housing areas by providing taller buildings. Others create housing by building houses on a wider area of land. What solution is better?  

Essay analysis:

  1. Type: Argumentative Essay .

  2. Dạng bài Argumentative trong đó học sinh cần phải đưa ra quan điểm của bản thân (Theo hướng Đồng ý với 1 trong 2 quan điểm đề bài cho).

  3. Synonyms:

  • Taller buildings = high-rises / skyscrapers / vertical buildings

  • Wider houses = horizontal buildings 

  1. Essay plan: Agree with the 2nd viewpoint


Paragraph 1: Reasons that other people may support the 1st viewpoint:

Possible Idea 1: high-rise buildings can solve the problem of housing scarcity.

  • these buildings are believed to possibly accommodate a dense population in the metropolis, compared to their low-rise counterparts.

  • Condensed urban areas with lots of tall apartment blocks, like in New York City or Shanghai, are famously difficult to live in due to the effects of overcrowding on sanitation, safety, and traffic conditions.

Possible Idea 2: the authorities of the cities can also save a considerable amount of money.

  • The underlying reason is that more citizens are allowed to live in a certain area of territory, which means it is dispensable to build new infrastructure such as roads, bridges, electric cables and lightings, which must be done if the city expands in land use. 

Paragraph 2: YOUR opinion: supporting the choice of horizontal houses:

Possible Idea 1: This kind of built-up is more practical and safe in natural disasters and hazardous situations. 

  • Whether it is an earthquake or hurricane, the damage suffered by low buildings can be less catastrophic due to their stronger foundation and less heavy load.

  • When it comes to fires, elevators could be shut down and the stairs could be inaccessible due to the fires and the smoke, precluding people from escaping to safety if one is stranded on the top floors of a skyscraper

Possible Idea 2: It is easier to create energy-efficient homes on land rather than in a tall building.

Indeed, emissions from high-power cooling systems of high-rise buildings are the main contributors to many potential environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect or air pollution.

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