Task 1: Match the word with the right picture

A Answer B
1. Crayon


2. Star b.
3. Banana c. 
4. Computer d.
5. Horse e. 
6. Eye f. 

Task 2: Read and choose A or B. (5pts)

7. I __________a marker.



8. - I like cheese.

- _________do I.


9. She___________music on Thursday.


10. There _______some mountains.


11. -__________she ride a bike?

- Yes, she can.


12. I love _________board games.

Task 3: Read and circle the correct answer. (3pts)

An interesting ride

Hi, I’m Samantha! My family went to the desert for our vacation. We camped there. We rode camels to visit some pyramids. I learned a lot about camels on our trip.

In some ways, camels are like horses. But horses cannot live in the desert. Camels can live in the desert because their bodies are special.

Sand blows in the desert and can get into the camel’s eyes. Camels have protection for their eyes. Each eye has a clear eyelid to protect it. It also has two rows of eyelashes to keep the sand out.

I love riding horses, but I also loved riding a camel.


13. Where did Samantha’s family go?


14. How did Samantha’s family get to the pyramids?


15. What can get into the camel’s eyes?


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